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Serial innovators are born and not made.

Larry Osborne, Innovation's Dirty Little Secret

6 Ways Leaders Foster Innovation

In an ever-changing digital, mobile, social culture, churches must innovate or risk being seen as irrelevant to the very people whose lives we are trying to impact. Innovation goes far beyond the latest technology.

Osborne also pointed out that the senior leader of an organization may not be the innovator.

If innovation is necessary for churches to impact this world, it becomes imperative for the senior leader to create an environment of innovation. Here are 6 ways Osborne suggests the senior leader can do that.

6 Ways Leaders Foster Innovation

  1. Admit you are not the innovator and accept your key role of fostering an environment of innovation.
  2. Identify innovators in your organization.
  3. Use your influence to open doors for innovators and give them needed resources.
  4. Set an expectation of experimentation over change. If it does not work, it was just an experiment anyway.
  5. Ensure and embrace exit strategies for experiments that don’t work.
  6. Clearly define the mission of the church so innovators know where to direct their efforts.


Innovation is key to any organization’s continued health and growth. Not every leader has the gift of being an innovator.

However, good leaders recognize this and intentionally create an environment where innovators can exercise their gift of innovation in concert with the organization’s mission and vision.


How do you suggest non-innovative leaders foster innovation? How do you suggest innovative leaders include other innovators in the process?

The above list is from Larry Osborne's book, Innovation's Dirty Little Secret.


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