My Top 14 Most Popular Posts of 2014 [and what I learned from reviewing the list] |

My Top 14 Most Popular Posts of 2014 [and what I learned from reviewing the list]

Top 14 posts of 2014

As the calendar reveals a new year, I took some time to look at this website to see if I am providing resources ministers and churches need and seek. There were some surprises in what I found.


You had a busy year, so in case you missed any of the more popular posts, here is a list of the top 14 for 2014. I also share some lessons I learned from studying the site statistics and compiling this list.

 My top 14 most popular post of 2014

14.  Should Digital Bibles Be Acceptable In A Worship Service?

13.  Avoid the Summer Giving Slump – Online Giving For Churches

12.  10 Technologies That Have Changed the Church Throughout History

11.  5 Important Things To Remember When Streaming Worship Services Online

10.  5 Strategies for Streaming Worship Service Video

09.  How You Can Be Mentored, Learn New Things, and Be Inspired In Your Car

08.  6 Action Steps for Discouraged Ministers

07.  Six Ways Video Streaming Can Help Your Church

06.  5 Podcast Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

05.  Six Social Media Lessons from Martin Luther

04.  The New .CHURCH Domain Name: Why It Matters To Your Church

03.  How Solar Parking Lots Could Boost Ministry

02.  3 Lessons From Churches’ Twitter Duel Over College Football Championship Game

01.  The Blessing Jar Challenge: How To Count Your Blessings This Year

Lessons and Insights

  •  Facts are more important than “ministerially speaking” numbers: I would not have been able to correctly guess which posts would resonate most with people. The key to compiling this list and having a better understanding of what resources people search for is to have a tool in place to track analytics. This is key for church websites too. To learn more about this, check out my post, How Your Website Can Identify Church Growth Opportunities.
  • The Blessing Jar Surprise: I wrote the Blessing Jar Challenge post with ministers and churches in mind. I was surprised by the popularity of this post from across the globe. People searching the Internet for various forms of ‘blessing jar' came from 26 countries. This post was the most popular and had over twice as many hits as the #2 post. People are searching the Internet for answers. Are we, the Church, providing those answers to those who are actively seeking?
  • Popular Events + Social Media = Great Opportunities:  I wrote the #2 post to highlight how two churches unexpectedly came together via social media. Their interaction was centered around the college national championship game. Had the two teams not been from their towns, this opportunity would not have existed. Social media played a major role in them forming a mission partnership. Personally, this post was popular on this site as a result of me sharing it on social media and using the popular hashtags related to the national championship game. So to have this at #2 on the list can be considered a fluke as it relates to my normal readers. But there is a lesson in being open to leverage popular events for ministry exposure.
  • Digital Church:  Doing and being the church in this digital world is a hot topic. The vast majority of the top 14 posts are related to being the church in today's digital culture.
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