Top 10 minfrasTructure Posts for 2013 |

Top 10 minfrasTructure Posts for 2013

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Is has been a year of growing and learning for me as I have shared ideas and resources with you via Thank you for a great year. If you have found these resources to be helpful, please share them with others.

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Here is your “Top 10” list of most popular posts for 2013.

  1. There Really Are I's in Team

  2. How Each Project Should Be Filtered for Success

  3. 4 Key Questions When Setting Goals

  4. Three Lessons From The Gum Industry

  5. Pastor, I Understand Your Hesitation To Put Sermons Online

  6. 3 Questions About Measuring Servant Involvement In Your Church

  7. Steps To Better Pastoral Care During the First Year of Grief

  8. Six Social Media Lessons From Martin Luther

  9. Six Ways Video Streaming Can Help Your Church

  10. Avoid the Summer Giving Slump – Online Giving for Churches

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