How solar parking lots could boost ministry |

How solar parking lots could boost ministry

What if your church parking lot could eliminate your electric bill, eliminate the need to remove snow and ice, and double as a multipurpose recreational ministry area?

This revolutionary technology could change how churches use parking lots.  A company called Solar Roadways™ has proven the technology works on roads and parking lots. They are running an Indiegogo funding campaign (expires 7/20/2014). Their goal was $1 million. With 17 days remaining (as of 6/3/2014) in their fund-raising campaign, they have raised over $1.9 million.

Watch the video below and read my predictions on 4 areas solar parking lots will boost your ministry.

For more videos, check out their YouTube channel at

4 areas solar parking lots will boost your ministry

Financial Stewardship

  • Generate electricity:  Depending upon how much parking lot space your church has compared to the electrical needs, the parking lot could generate more electricity than is needed. Imagine selling electricity back into the electrical grid.
  • Never need to clear snow and ice again from parking lots or side walks.  These parking lots have built-in heating systems that melt snow and ice.
  • Lowers Future Expansion Costs.  If you have ever had to bore under a parking lot to bring cable or fiber to your building, you will like this. The parking lot becomes a conduit for utility services to your building. Instead of boring under the parking lot, the new cables can be laid into the cable corridors.
  • Frees up more money for ministry.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Disaster Relief: Often one of the affects of a storm related disaster is prolonged power outages. After the storm, the sun will shine. Barring extensive storm damage to your building, your church could have the electricity to enable the church building to be a shelter or simply a charging station for mobile communications devices.
  • Recreation: Imagine being able to redraw the lines on the parking lot anytime you need to.  One minute it is a parking lot. The next minute it is a group of basketball courts.  Essentially it becomes a multipurpose hard court recreational area.


Configure your parking lot to include smart signs in the driving lanes.

  • I can imagine one section of the parking lot being full and programmed to automatically direct traffic to another area of the lot.
  • Enhance safety by flashing a stop sign in front of cars when people walk into driving lanes.


It is good for the environment.

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What are your thoughts?

How do you see solar parking lots helping the mission and ministry of your church?



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  • rafael melendez says:

    Are there any feasibility studies confirming the predictions?

    • Steve Perky says:

      Good question, Rafael. They have done feasibility studies at Solar Roadways as to whether or not this concept will work. Having proven that it will, they are now moving forward and getting closer to mass production. As to my predictions in the blog post, I have yet to see the actual cost yet, so I don’t have numbers to confirm how long it would take to see a return on the investment. I am eager to see the costs. But if it generates enough electricity to eliminate the utility bill and sell the extra to the electric company, I could imagine this could pay for itself relatively quickly.

      Here is a link to their FAQ page for more info.

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