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Short List of Recommended Apps

With so many apps and web-based tools available, I am often asked which ones I recommend. Here is a list of tools I recommend in six categories. While this is not a comprehensive list, the tools in these categories narrow your search. All of these have great free options. Some have premium options as well.

List of Useful Apps and Tools


Antivirus security for mobile devices

You should have antivirus security on your mobile device.

Password management

The following are tools that help you create very strong passwords, encrypt them for extra security, and manage them so all you have to do is remember one, strong master password

Spiritual Health

Physical Health

  • LoseIt!:  Can be private or used with groups for accountability.
  • FitBit


  • Grocery King Shopping List: Good for maintaining a centralized set of shopping lists with your family.
  • Asana: Good for teams to coordinate projects. As of this Feb 2014, up to 15 team members can use it for free.
  • Wunderlist: A list organizer that is good for individuals who desire a clean, simple tool.
  • Nozbe: This is the most powerful of the tools. Due to its extensive capabilities, it has a bigger learning curve. The free version is well worth signing up for to test it out.

Personal Development

Research Organization

  • Evernote This is a great tool for saving and organizing research for sermons and any other digital items you want to keep for use at a later time. I really like that all your data is available to on all of my devices. Evernote has a great free version, but if you use this link, you will receive a free one month subscription to their Premium version.


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