Resources to empower your amazing audio techs |

Resources to Empower Your Amazing Audio Techs

Managing the “sound board” is not as easy as it looks. Have you seen all those knobs and slider things? I should pause here and correct myself. It is not a “sound board”…. It is an “audio mixer.” Using the correct terminology could score you some points with your audio technicians. Acting on what is in the rest of this post could really score you even more points.

Some people have a natural talent for mixing audio. Most people, whether paid or volunteer, need some sort of training or mentoring.

Here is a list of four resources that I encourage you to check out. Take a look at these. As a church, offer to pay for your audio techs to go through these training(s) that best fit your people.

Picture of audio control board

One question I occasionally hear is, “What if I train them and they leave?”

The classic response to that is my favorite, “What if you don't train them and they stay.” Will your audio quality be what it should be?

Learning Resources for Better Audio

Other Recommendations?

If you have other recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

Note: I do not receive any compensation from any of the resources listed above.

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