Lifelong Learner Tool: Free and Discounted Kindle eBooks |

Lifelong Learner Tool: Free and Discounted Kindle eBooks

Building your Kindle library does not have to be an expensive endeavour. If you don't have a Kindle Reader device and don't want to spend money on one, check out the end of this article for information on how you can get free Kindle apps for your computer or mobile device.

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Amazon regularly offers really good deals on Kindle books. These deals range from free to just a few dollars. However, if you are like me you don't have the time to check daily and search for those deals. That's where Gospel eBooks comes in.

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Throughout the past year I have obtained dozens of Kindle books. Many of them were free, and the rest were greatly discounted. I learned about nearly all of these deals through the Gospel eBooks website. I want to be sure you are aware of this resource as it is a great way to build your digital library.

The service is free

Gospel eBooks is able to offer this service for free to you and me because they participate in the Amazon Affiliates program. Each time someone purchases an eBook through the links in their emails and on their website, Amazon pays them a small commission. As you can imagine, with the prices being free and greatly discounted, it takes a lot of people purchasing books through their site for them to make much money. So, as you think about purchasing Kindle books in the future, be sure to keep Gospel eBooks in mind. Again, it does not cost you anything, but it does benefit you by keeping you in the know about great deals.

Sign Up to receive a daily list of book deals

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2. Scroll down the right side of the screen until you see the “Connect With Us” section.


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Additional Resources

  • Free Kindle Apps [non affiliate link] You do not need to purchase a Kindle Reader device in order to read Kindle eBooks. You can get a free Kindle app for just about any computer or mobile device.
  • Kindle Reading Devices [Affiliate Link to Amazon] If you have been thinking about purchasing a Kindle Reader device, here is a link to Amazon's site listing your options.
  • Kindle Gift Cards [Affiliate Link to Amazon] Kindle gift cards can be used to purchase anything on, even Kindle Reader devices and Kindle eBooks.
A note about affiliate links

I do not place an affiliate link to any item which I do not personally use or highly recommend as a resource to my readers.  If you make a purchase using an affiliate link, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

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