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The New .CHURCH Domain Name: Why It Matters To Your Church

The landscape of Internet domain names is changing. There are literally thousands of new top-level domains (TLD) being released into the wild world of the Internet over the next few years. You may be more familiar with these being called ‘domain extensions.’ Each new TLD represents a new option to the right of the Dot. […]

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How solar parking lots could boost ministry

What if your church parking lot could eliminate your electric bill, eliminate the need to remove snow and ice, and double as a multipurpose recreational ministry area? This revolutionary technology could change how churches use parking lots.  A company called Solar Roadways™ has proven the technology works on roads and parking lots. They are running an […]

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5 Podcast Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

Publishing a podcast has never been easier than it is today. As I have become an avid listener of podcasts and begin the process of publishing my own, I have identified 5 mistakes, in no particular order, a lot of podcast producers make. [featured-image single-newwindow=”false”]Original photo courtesy © atic12[/featured-image] Avoid these mistakes, and you […]

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6 Action Steps for Discouraged Ministers

Living on the plains of North America during the Spring months almost always brings a long stretch of very windy days. Sure, there are windy periods throughout the year, but my memories of wind, especially in March, are filled with strings of days and weeks that stretch tirelessly on and on. It seemed like simple […]

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Present a Better Ministry Budget – Tell the Story of Changed Lives

Stories matter. Stories tell the struggle from point A to point B. Stories inspire. Stories encourage. Stories invite involvement at some level. Dick’s Sporting Goods demonstrates this well in their new video series called Sports Matter. This series is not about selling more sports equipment. It is about saving high school sports. [youtube id=”TFu5FzEf5FY”] Okay… […]

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