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3 Steps To Better Pastoral Care During The First Year Of Grief

Today would have been their wedding anniversary. Two months ago his birthday passed, and no one from the church remembered as she grieved in silence. Will anyone mention their anniversary today? The first year of grieving the loss of a loved one is filled with firsts: the first birthday without him, the first Christmas without […]

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Short List of Recommended Apps

With so many apps and web-based tools available, I am often asked which ones I recommend. Here is a list of tools I recommend in six categories. While this is not a comprehensive list, the tools in these categories narrow your search. All of these have great free options. Some have premium options as well.

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What email address format should our church use?

Have you ever been embarrassed by words? No, you did not mean for them to come out they way they did, but what others see and hear may be completely different from what you intended. Does your church have any email addresses that would make your mother blush or a fifth grade boy giggle uncontrollably? […]

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6 Questions for Evaluating E-Giving Solutions

Online giving is a popular form of electronic giving. As our culture moves beyond digital to include social and especially mobile, it is important to evaluate all the options in order to get the electronic giving system that fits your church.We are fortunate to have many options when it comes to electronic giving. Here are […]

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6 Ways Leaders Foster Innovation

In an ever-changing digital, mobile, social culture, churches must innovate or risk being seen as irrelevant to the very people whose lives we are trying to impact. Innovation goes far beyond the latest technology. Osborne also pointed out that the senior leader of an organization may not be the innovator. If innovation is necessary for […]

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Your Mobile Device Could Be Infecting Your Computer

Recently as I have been visited people at their desks, I have noticed a growing trend of mobile devices being charged via USB cords plugged into desktop and laptop computers. People tell me they are just using the USB to charge their phone/mobile device and not transferring files. First, I want to acknowledge the need to […]

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