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What You Need To Know About Your Church’s Digital Ministry Quotient

We find ourselves in a new culture that speaks a different language, defines traditional terms in ways we never thought possible, and is more connected yet disconnected than ever before. Without the benefit of moving to a new country, we as individuals have awakened in a digital culture defined by mobile, social, and bandwidth connectivity. The […]

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This Is Why You Need A Strategy for Your Church Wi-Fi

It used to be that having Wi-Fi available for people was simply a luxury. Today it is an expectation. However, simply providing free Wi-Fi to members and guests is missing a great opportunity for providing a personalized experience while in person at the church building. Here are some ways to leverage your Wi-Fi system to […]

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Is An Unspoken Church Culture Contradicting Your Message?

The sign in this image is next to the light switch in the break room of a church. While the intent to save electricity is great, it does provide for some interesting interactions. New staff members, volunteers, and vendors often turn off the light when they leave and this room is not occupied. Great! They […]

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Facebook Changed Its Mission – Here Is Why It Matters To The Church

You would think the following concepts are from a sermon or speech at a church conference: Intentional outreach. Encouraging members to be leaders. Calling members into community. Empowering groups. These were all shared by Mark Zuckerburg at the first ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago on June 22, 2017. There he announced Facebook was changing its […]

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How To Create, Share a Bible Verse as An Image

We are becoming a more visual and more mobile culture every day. Creating and sharing Bible verses in a visual medium that is easily accessed on any device helps put a little bit of the Bible into the daily lives of those with whom you are connected on social media. It also helps those people share […]

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