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Facilitating Four Generations In Ministry Teams

Never before in history have we had four generations in the work place.  This provides great rewards and great challenges as churches and ministries bring together these generations into healthy teams to share the Gospel and make disciples.  Since volunteer servants are a core strength of churches and ministries, this reward vs. challenge of four […]

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Personalize Your Church On Google Maps

Are you looking for a very inexpensive marketing method to get the word out about your church?  What if you could personalize a message to the people who find your church this Easter through a search on Google Maps – for FREE?  Could you pass it up? Using Google’s fairly recently released Google Places, you can […]

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Using QR Codes To Enhance Ministry

By now you may have seen these funny looking square images as you go about your day.  They are popping up on buildings, websites, newspaper ads, brochures, and flyers.  The other day while in a well-known electronics store, I noticed the item labels on the shelves had them.  Through this little image, I was able […]

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3 Legal Requirements for Church Super Bowl Parties

“Back in the day” when I was younger, it seemed to me that churches would compete against the Super Bowl©.  However, in the past several years churches have come to see the Super Bowl not as an event competing for the attention of their parishioners but rather as a great opportunity for fellowship and outreach. […]

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Church Presentation Software Goes To The Cloud

Putting together a multimedia presentation for a worship services can be challenging when there are multiple people collaborating on the process. A new service has been announced that will move that process to the ‘cloud’ so that teams can collaborate via the web. It has not been released into Beta testing yet, but you can […]

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Create A Virtual Prayer Walk

The Maasai Missions Team in Northern Tanzania has created a ‘Virtual Prayer Walk’ using Google Maps. A vital part of any missions and outreach plan is prayer. The ‘prayer warriors’ on the team can be involved by either praying from a distance using a list of prayer needs or visiting the location and conducting a […]

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