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Coordinating Helping Hands In Time Of Need

Crisis hits, and we want to help those who are in the middle of that crisis. Ministering during these times can best be accomplished by multiple people, but coordinating the efforts of many can be a challenge. There are meals to organize, care visits, helping with chores, giving rides to doctor visits, and numerous other […]

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Cyber Attacks Reported Against Churches

Even before Judas accepted the 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus, people have plotted to steal from offerings given sacrificially to God. With the advantages of today’s Internet technology comes the dangers of cyber criminals stealing from the church. Criminals are getting smarter and more ruthless, and they are not attacking where the safeguards […]

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Why Youth Camp/Mission Trips Need Glympse

  Each year parents entrust their youth to the servants and staff who lead youth trips. Open communication with parents is important, but during trips it is vital. One way to help communicate better with the parent while traveling is to use a smart phone with the Glympse App installed.

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4 Ways Your .com Domain May Be A Security Risk

  One of the dangers of surfing around the Internet is the mistyped domain.  Sometimes transposing a couple of letters or leaving out a letter will find the unsuspecting web surfer at a location on the Internet that is neither moral nor safe. One of the things that I find my lazy fingers doing is […]

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How To Organize Meals For Someone In Need

Illness, tragedy, job loss, or even the joyful occasion of the birth of a child can all be opportunities for caring for those in need. Whether it is a neighbor who does not come to church or someone who is active in your small group Bible study, these occasions are ripe for reaching out and showing love. […]

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