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Resources to empower your amazing audio techs

Managing the “sound board” is not as easy as it looks. Have you seen all those knobs and slider things? I should pause here and correct myself. It is not a “sound board”…. It is an “audio mixer.” Using the correct terminology could score you some points with your audio technicians. Acting on what is […]

5 Lessons from Moore’s Law Every Church Should Learn

Faster and cheaper. These two combined concepts seem to be a natural quest in our daily lives. When integrated circuit technology came on the scene, it was anything but fast or cheap. Moore's Law helped change that, and, indirectly, impacted our culture and how we do ministry.

Six Social Media Lessons from Martin Luther

In the past decade entire countries have been changed through the use of social media. While the particular types of social media may be new, the actual use of social media has been changing cultures throughout history.  As we observe the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Thesis on the front door of […]

What You Need To Know About Your Church’s Digital Ministry Quotient

We find ourselves in a new culture that speaks a different language, defines traditional terms in ways we never thought possible, and is more connected yet disconnected than ever before. Without the benefit of moving to a new country, we as individuals have awakened in a digital culture defined by mobile, social, and bandwidth connectivity. […]

This Is Why You Need A Strategy for Your Church Wi-Fi

It used to be that having Wi-Fi available for people was simply a luxury. Today it is an expectation. However, simply providing free Wi-Fi to members and guests is missing a great opportunity for providing a personalized experience while in person at the church building. Here are some ways to leverage your Wi-Fi system to […]

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