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My Mission

Steve at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Steve at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

I am passionate about helping Christian ministries intentionally organize for success in a way that is not legalistic nor rigid, but rather catalytic and empowering. I help identify those things in an organization that are fighting against its own vision and wasting the valuable time and talented resources of its people.

Often at the speed of life there are two scenarios:

  1. The leader is either dreaming and looking too far down the road, or
  2. The leader is too mired in the minutia of the current circumstances.

Consequently, the leader does not see upcoming cliffs, and in the process of leading the charge, she/he runs the servants, the ministry, or her/his own life smack over the cliff.

Ministries have never before had the tools that are available today. These tools can help build a ministry infrastructure to bridge the gaps where cliffs exist. This fusion between ministry and infrastructure is what I call minfrasTructure.

My mission is to help leaders develop a thoughtful minfrasTructure for themselves and their church/ministry that fosters an organic, healthy movement.

My Blog

I share ideas and information via by blog. Most of this information is in the areas of Ministry, Leadership, Technology, and Infrastructure.

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My Bio

I am a ministry information/technology strategist with over twenty years serving in Christian ministry. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration with a minor in Computer Information Systems. I also hold a Master of Arts in Religious Education. Most importantly, I am married to my best friend Rachel.

My Work

I have served on staff at churches small, large, mega, and multisite. I have also served in US state capitals, small towns, and foreign countries. No matter the size or location, implementing the appropriate technology, tools, and processes have enabled the ministries to be more effective.

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