Being the Church in Today's Converged Digital-Physical World

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How Your Online Ministry Can Identify Church Growth Opportunities

Are people knocking on your virtual door ripe for the harvest? Do you have a potential for offering deeper discipleship to people who are eagerly awaiting something more than what you offer now? This may be the case with those who come to your website, watch

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Do you ever feel like you are doing ministry in a foreign land? The fact is, we live in a new culture. If you were born before the turn of the millennium, you were born as a resident of the Gutenberg Era. This makes you and me what Leonard Sweet calls “Gutenbergers.” (See Sweet’s book Viral:

Online video meetings are becoming more and more a part of our work and life. These are used for staff and volunteer teams, online small groups, and pastor peer groups to name a few.  Whether it is via Zoom, Skype Personal, Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype for Business), FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other  video venues, there are four

As the church wrestles with being the Ekklesia in our ever-converged digital/physical world, the environment of the church office is affected as well. I have heard of some churches that do not have a physical office at all while others require staff to maintain a constant, physical presence in the office. I want to share with

Managing the “sound board” is not as easy as it looks. Have you seen all those knobs and slider things? I should pause here and correct myself. It is not a “sound board”…. It is an “audio mixer.” Using the correct terminology could score you some points with your audio technicians. Acting on what is

Faster and cheaper. These two combined concepts seem to be a natural quest in our daily lives. When integrated circuit technology came on the scene, it was anything but fast or cheap. Moore’s Law helped change that, and, indirectly, impacted our culture and how we do ministry.

In the past decade entire countries have been changed through the use of social media. While the particular types of social media may be new, the actual use of social media has been changing cultures throughout history.  As we observe the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Thesis on the front door of

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